To create a 360 degree audio visual immersive experience in an igloo immersion dome at Le Mans and Shanghai promoting the New Ford GT and its participation in the races. The client also asked us to showcase the current line-up of Ford Performance vehicles and convey the rich Motorsport heritage from which these vehicles were derived. The events would be attended by over 260,000 people.

To start the experience, I remembered Henry Ford's famous quote “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” I tied that in with the original concept behind the moving picture - the ‘Zoetrope’, which used a galloping horse to show motion. This also alluded to the horsepower found in Ford Performance vehicles.
Working together with the CGI Animations team, we developed a storyboard which took the viewer through the whole history of Ford Motorsport from Henry Ford's famous '999' race car to the new Ford GT. Working with an 8:1 360 degree aspect ratio was a new challenge for our team but the result was a resounding success with client and the audience.

This is the full 360 video content and, therefore, best view in fullscreen mode.

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